InnovaTech Partners Inc. Competencies

InnovaTech Partners Areas of Expertise

The company’s focus and actions are aimed at the creation of sustainable value and trusted business relationships with our clients. We are driven by a management consulting culture, with strong emphasis to attention to the details, effective communication, empathy, analysis and adaptability. We provide a variety of competencies to our clients to select and adopt the best technologies to enable business innovation.

  • Technology Scouting and Selection
  • Project and Product Management
  • IT Governance and Operations
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Application Services

Technology Scouting and Selection

We help our clients in analyzing new technology trends, perform market scouting, assessing new and existing technologies and select vendors and solution through formal proven RFP methodology.

Project & Product Management Services

We help PMO, project, and business leaders apply Project and Product Management best practices that drive performance and operational efficiency.

IT Governance & Operations

We help our clients in assessing and adopting best practice to manage technology and align technology to business needs and innovation.

Infrastructure Services

We help our clients in defining the right strategy and deploy infrastructure technologies to enable business agility

Application Services

We help our clients to adopt and deploy proper business applications to support and innovate business processes.